Dylan is currently living in Los Angeles and is a guest lecturer at the University of San Diego where he co-teaches the senior thesis studio for architecture majors with Dr. Can Bilsel. Titled, “Resilience-by-Design: Infrastructure Space / Emergency Powers,” the course encourages students to develop a hypothesis responding to the changing role of the architect in the face of global and generic productions of infrastructure space.

Dylan received a Master of Architecture degree in 2018 from the University of California, Los Angeles. His graduate work reflects an interest in infrastructure, morphology, and iteration. His research studio project, under the guidance of Heather Roberge, embraces the tactility of water infrastructure in the design of a High School. Dylan was president of the AIAS UCLA chapter, received the Alpha Rho Chi Medal at graduation, and was the 2018 UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture Graduate Commencement Speaker.

Dylan completed his Bachelor of Arts from the University of San Diego in the Spring of 2015, where he graduated magna cum laude with a double major in Architecture and Art History, emphasis in Architecture. Graduating from the university’s honors program and having two majors required three capstone projects. In architecture, he researched the global cruise tourism economy and its negative affects on historic European cities, and then redesigned the cruise terminal and port in Istanbul, Turkey. His other thesis, an interdisciplinary project, investigated the similarities between the Dutch Structuralist Architectural Movement and the French Structural Philosophy in linguistics and anthropology.



Dylan Richard Murphy